12 Actionable Strategies to Promote Your Training Events

You are an expert in your industry! Have you considered offering training to your existing clients and prospective customers?

If you don’t have a formal training offering, there are a number of reasons you should consider offering training. Here are just a few:

  • Generate additional revenue — training can be very lucrative!
  • Demonstrate thought leadership in your industry
  • Generate prospective sales leads for your company

Training can be an integral part of any service or product related business. Perhaps, you’re already offering training. Or, you’re thinking about offering training.

Whether you’re new to offering training or you’re already offering training but would like to increase participation in your existing training offering, here are  12  actionable strategies you can easily implement:

Strategy 1: Web-Based Event Sites

There is a handful of free or affordably priced event sights that help you promote and sell tickets to your events. Eventbrite.com, eventsbot.com and eventholler.com are three ways to help manage, promote, and sell tickets to your event. These web-based ticket sellers are easily combined with other forms of marketing such as QR codes, Blogs, and even your webpage. They are easy to use, and many have templates. Most tie into social media and some allow for private events.

Strategy 2: Press Kit

It is one thing to hand out brochures, it is quite another thing to put together a packet of information that highlights all of the training services that you offer. These packets are not for the general public, they are for special guests and community leaders. People who will help to promote your services.

Strategy 3: Start a Blog

A blog is an awesome way to promote training. By producing blogs on topics that provide value to your readers you can increase the awareness of your training calendar and training classes. A well designed blog will show the value of each training class that you offer. Blogs are also a great way to market promotions, contests, and community service classes such as CPR or Self Defense.

Strategy 4: Word of Mouth

People love praise! Mention referrals in your blog, social media sites or make a contest out of word-of-mouth referrals.

Strategy 5: Notice Board

A notice board that is posted where foot traffic can see it is another way to increase interest in training classes. Highlight upcoming sessions. Include a QR Code that people can scan with their smart device. The QR code should direct the browser to a sign-up page with more details.

Strategy 6: Ceremonies

Make a big deal out of completing training sessions. People like to be recognized for achievements. Give away ribbons, medals, and a diploma. If you have a large following hold a formal graduation. Everyone who attends becomes a potential client.

Strategy 7: Webpage

Make sure your training offerings have a web presence. This is a good spot to provide information about your company, the training programs that you offer, and incentives to enroll. A training-focused website is also an excellent place to post your training blog.

Strategy 8: Be a Guest Speaker

Invest in your community. Speaking engagements are easy ways to attract potential new clients. Places that like speakers, Schools, business clubs like the Elks, Community centers, and organizations like the Boy Scouts of America. Most of the time these are very low cost ways to bring your message to a lot of people.

Strategy 9: Direct Mail Marketing

Mail your press packets to people who can help your business. City leaders, fire departments, police departments, and bigger businesses. Even churches in your area are often willing to pass along your material. The more your name is out there, the better your chances are of increasing enrollment.

Strategy 10: Charity Events

Support local charities. These events are often attended by business leadership throughout your municipality. These events are an excellent way to network while providing a needed service to your community. Community involvement is an easy way to keep your program in the community spotlight.

Strategy 11: Personal Marketing

Don’t be afraid to hand out brochures to the general public. If you have a training session that is not being supported by continual enrollment, make sure people are aware of your service. Hand out fliers, brochures, and other marketing items when you can. Make sure that each brochure or flyer has a QR code. These codes are invaluable in pointing mobile customers right to your enrollment site.

Strategy 12: Promote by Contest

If you have a training course that is half full then give away two free tickets, or offer a discount on multiple enrollments. Schools are always looking for businesses to donate and they often promote donors in exchange for the donations.

There are numerous way you can increase awareness of your training classes and services. Most of these methods are quick and low cost, but have the potential for producing excellent results. Marketing with blogs and web content can be time consuming, but there are services available to help you manage your content and or that will help you produce content. With all marketing, it is important that you be able to measure results. This will allow you to focus on the methods that are working and improve the methods that are producing positive results.

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