4 Reasons To Claim Your Local Business Listing on the Web


Remember the yellow pages not too long ago, when nearly every business could be found all in one place?

Well, now we have online yellow pages, in a sense.

If your business does not have a website, isn’t active on social media, and you aren’t listed in any directories, then you are virtually non-existent on the web. Even when you do have a website, being listing will dramatically increase traffic to this website as you will be able to highlight it in the directory.

So how much did that yellow page add cost you? Well guess what? Most of the directories are F-R-E-E, yes those lovely word every business owner loves to hear. Best of the Web is $149.99/yearly. But the other 5 sites I share below are free.

So, wait no longer and get listed today!

Here are the top 4 reasons you need to list your business online:

1. It will give you control over how the search engines index you.

2. It will prevent spammers from hijacking your business.

3. It will improve your SEO rankings-the more directories Google can find you at, the better. Search engines favor directory sites.

4. Increase web and foot traffic to your business. Your business listing allows you to add detailed information about your business, including your website URL as well as photos and sometimes video.

Most directories allow for reviews of your business, but don’t let that stop you from getting listed. Look at it this way, if someone posts a negative review about you, you can’t stop it, they are going to whether you have your business listed or not. However, if your business is listed, you will have a better chance of  defending your good name. (Learn how Reputation Management can help you with this.)

Here are 6 of the top places on the web where you can claim your business listing, click on the website name and it will direct you to the proper location:






Insider_PagesCheck out our other blog posts on Yelp and Google Places for more information on these sites.

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  • This is so because; the listings are done according tto the
    categories of the products and services. So, when a major part of population across the world iis spending endless hours on the Internet, it makes sense to be visible in thhe online world.
    You will be enlisted within yoour own segement so that the surfers can get
    you easily on the web.