Is Your Business Riding the Social Media Tidal Wave?

The statistics are in and they are staggering. Each year social media use is increasing in business as traditional marketing and advertising continue to dwindle and deliver less than favorable ROI results.

Watch the video below to learn why every business should be leveraging the FREE marketing platforms of social media.

Also discussed is the role of a Social Media Manager and how they can be leveraged to take on the daunting and time-consuming tasks of social media management for you.

16 Compelling Reasons Your Business Needs A Social Presence:

1. Get an Edge Over your Competition/Monitor Their Activity

2. Generate Leads/Customers

3. Customer Retention

4. Customer Satisfaction/Support

5. Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Blog, Website, or Event

6. Broadcast Promotional Offers/ Digital Coupons, New Products or Services, Awards/Recognitions

7. Engage Deeper With Your Customers or Prospects

8. Research/ Monitor Trends on What Your Customers & Prospects Want or Need, Figure out Their Purchase-Drivers?

9. Monitor What is Being Said About Your Business, Brands, Products or Services.

10. Increased Exposure & Awareness To Your Business & Into the Minds of Your Customers, Patrons & Prospects.

11. Increased SEO (i.e. Get Found By The Search Engines-Google and Bing) By:

*Social Media Providing Backlinks to Your Website

*Google and Bing Now Index Facebook & Twitter Updates & Are Included In Search Results

*YouTube- Videos Can Be Tagged With Keywords Related To Your Business That Can Be Indexed & Appear In Search Results

12. Build Trust and Credibility-Get To Know, Like & Trust Your Customers & Patrons & They Will Become Loyal Customers Who Will Gladly Recommend & Promote Your Business To Others

13. Reduces Your Overall Marketing Expenses (Social Media is Free)

14. Helps You Educate & Promote Your Products/Services Which Will Make Closing Business & Making the Sale That Much Easier

15. Results In New Business Partnerships

16. Look Like You “Get It”, Become the Savvy Business Your Customers Expect You To Be. Stand Out From The Crowd Of Businesses Who Aren’t Utilizing Social Media…Yet.

Best Regards,

Social Media Manager & owner of Bee-Social Biz, LLC

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  • Renee, This was an AWESOME post!! So very informative!! Can’t argue with facts. Keep up the good work!


  • Hi Renee,

    thanks for sharing this video post. There’s no alternative to using social media, it’s not the question if but only how we use ut.

    Take care