12 Actionable Strategies to Promote Your Training Events


You are an expert in your industry! Have you considered offering training to your existing clients and prospective customers? If you don’t have a formal training offering, there are a number of reasons you should consider offering training. Here are just a few: Generate additional revenue — training can be very lucrative! Demonstrate thought leadership in your […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Online Reviews

Online Reviews

Why are Positive reviews important? Reviews, positive or negative, have a multifaceted impact on what happens with people who read your webpage and with how easy your webpage is to find in search results. Websites are not just about content and keywords these days. You have to take a human approach regarding every possible aspect […]

The Inbound Marketing Process: Get Found, Convert, Analyze


The Inbound Marketing Process is a very powerful permission-based marketing strategy that is highly effective for businesses utilizing online marketing. Inbound marketing has earned the attention of your prospect, where outbound marketing, such as print ads, billboards, direct mail, radio, TV, has not and is coined “interruption marketing”. Interruption marketing is no longer effective and your […]

Pinterest: 11 Ways to Leverage for Business Marketing


Many of you have heard of Pinterest and may be wondering how this social network can be leveraged for your business. I too had some intense curiosity and have since begun to realize the vast amount of capabilities of this network for engaging your target audience and driving traffic to your website. In fact, some […]

8 Indisputable Reasons To Use Twitter for Business Marketing


Twitter started in 2006 and since has expanded to 200 million users and 1.6 billion searches per day. It’s an ideal social media tool for business owners to connect with their customers in real-time, a huge asset to customer satisfaction. However, many business owners find Twitter to be somewhat complex when first approached. Twitter also […]

Facebook Subscription Button on Personal Profiles


2 Benefits of the Facebook Subscription Button You may have noticed the “Subscriptions” link under your profile picture. This new feature allows Facebook users to be able to ‘subscribe’ to other’s updates without even having to be their friend. This will help those who have capped out their friend limit at 5,000. Also, more importantly, […]

What is keyword research and why should I bother?


The “why”of keyword research You have a small business website for a reason, right? To attract customers and win business. But what good is a business website if no one ever sees it? For any website to be successful it must generate traffic. There are many potential traffic sources available (email, social media, and YouTube […]

Facebook News Feed Optimization: 3 Tips On How To Get Your Updates Into Your Target Users News Feeds


Ever wonder if your status updates are even being seen by others in your network? That is a topic that I investigated for my own purposes and came up with a wealth of information I felt every business page admin should know about. Many Facebook users don’t even know that when you view your news […]

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