Facebook Subscription Button on Personal Profiles


2 Benefits of the Facebook Subscription Button

You may have noticed the “Subscriptions” link under your profile picture. This new feature allows Facebook users to be able to ‘subscribe’ to other’s updates without even having to be their friend. This will help those who have capped out their friend limit at 5,000.

Also, more importantly, the new ‘subscribe’ button allows filtering out some status updates from your activity streams that have become too “noisy” or annoying or just simply not of interest to you without un-friending them.

Editing Subscription Update Preferences

By default, you are subscribed to all your existing friends. You can change this setting by clicking on “Subscriptions” under your profile picture, then you will see ‘Public Subscriptions’ and ‘Friend Subscriptions’.


Click on “Subscribed” next to your friend’s name to edit the updates you will see from them. Below are the options:

How many updates?

  • All updates
  • Most updates
  • Only important updates

What type of updates?

  • Life events
  • Status updates
  • photos and videos
  • games



Public Subscriptions


‘Public Subscriptions’ are those people whom you aren’t friends with but who provide entertaining or interesting content. I have subscribed to a nationally known social media marketing expert as well as a project manager at Facebook due to the nature of my business.

Hope that helps with understanding the ‘subscribe’ button on your personal profile!


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