Groupon For Businesses

I’ll be honest…I LOVE Groupon! I get an email every morning detailing the daily deal from a local business. The deals are really quite amazing. Two recent ones

that I bought were, $7 for $15 at Moe’s Southwest Grill and The Gap in which I paid $25 for $50 worth of clothes. Plus I learn about new venues I may have never known about before.
But it’s even better if you are a business owner…..because the reviews are coming in and they are very favorable. It’s a total win-win situation. The business gets massive exposure and turns a profit because of it and the customer gets a massive discount. In fact it has saved consumers more than $300 million thus far.

And best of all, Groupon works on a critical mass element in which a certain amount of people must purchase the deal before it gets triggered.

Here’s another huge benefit, because someone may want the deal very badly, they are encouraged and will very likely share the deal to all of their friends and connections on their social sites. So guess what that means for your business? Huge viral exposure!

Groupon Works

Check out the social proof and business owner testimonials:

The Basics of Groupon

Learn How Groupon Works! from The Point on Vimeo.

The Cost of Groupon
There are no up-front fees with Groupon as there is in traditional advertising. Groupon only takes a marketing fee for successfully completed campaigns. If the deal does not reach a critical mass, the email blast and the 24 hours of exposure on the Groupon website are FREE of charge. If your deal is triggered, than your fee is subtracted from the total quantity of units sold (obviously Groupon needs to stay in business too). So really, what’s the risk?

Groupon does pre-screen you and will make sure you are Groupon-worthy, but other than that, they take care of the rest.

Groupon Ratings

Watch the video below to see how the 2 way rating system makes the Groupon community work:

Groupon Stats

  • Available in 85+ U.S. cities so far.
  • 8.9 million Groupons have been bought.
  • 9.1 million people are Groupon subscribers.
  • $378 million total dollars saved.

Get Your Groupon

Get your Groupon HERE and start saving and discovering new and fun things to do in your city!

Ready to get your business featured and get massive new business overnight? Learn more HERE!

I hope you have become more enlightened on this amazing new business concept. What are your thoughts or concerns about Groupon?

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