Pinterest: 11 Ways to Leverage for Business Marketing


Many of you have heard of Pinterest and may be wondering how this social network can be leveraged for your business. I too had some intense curiosity and have since begun to realize the vast amount of capabilities of this network for engaging your target audience and driving traffic to your website. In fact, some brands have stated their Pinterest site is creating more web traffic than their Facebook page: Real Simple: Pinterest Drives More Traffic For Us Than Facebook. So now’s the time to jump on this trending bandwagon before it gets too saturated.

Pinterest is a social network and content curation site that allows you to share images and videos that people can then “pin” to their  personal “boards” which represent a common theme. These photos and videos can be linked directly to your website. People can comment on these images within the boards. A business can create their own Pinterest site and “boards” and drive brand engagement that way as well. 

Check out the infographic below (created in a Pinterest board style) and get some great ideas on how Pinterest can boost your brand. 


using pinterest to market products
Pinterest Infographic, an Infographic by Linchpin SEO


There are many Pinterest Goodies that can be added to your website and blog posts that will help drive traffic and build valuable SEO links.

If you found this post helpful, please share with your social networks or leave a comment below on how you have found Pinterest effective for your business.

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