Video Slideshow Creations

Bee_Social_Bee_LogoBee Social can showcase your business or product and services in a captivating, memorable and professional way with top-notch motion design normally seen in film & on TV.


We will create a full-length video up to 5 minutes (longer if no music is required), fully licensed for commercial use with your company’s own branding. It can be updated anytime (additional fees may apply) and contains pre-licensed music (optional). We will hand over the embed code of your video creation (or embed it ourselves) to add to your websites and we will share it on your social networks.

You will just need to provide us with digital quality photos and short video clips (video is optional and within the presentation is limited to 10 second max segments-more can be spliced in if needed).

*If you live in or around the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, we also offer photography and video services for local businesses to include in the presentation. We use a Nikon D-90 Digital SLR camera and a Kodak Zi-8 HD-quality digital video camera. (We do have local professional video and photography references for hire that we would gladly refer you to.)

Examples of our work is below (click on the “HQ” icon to see it in High-Definition)


Unlimited DVD-quality videos

Create, download and burn as many DVD-quality videos as you like. Give these to clients as gifts or resell them for profit (can re-sell to individuals, but not to other businesses). These can be viewed on any TV or computer.

Call-to-action button

Increase your brand awareness and drive potential customer/clients directly to your site with a single click. We will add a custom call-to-action button at the end of your videos. This optional feature turns a video from a passive viewing experience into an active marketing tool for lead generation. For example, create a button to “inquire about rates” that links to your appointments page, or “learn more” that links to your website.

Note: the “Call to Action” button works only with an embed code. It won’t appear in downloaded videos, and won’t link to your site if you export a video to YouTube.

Commercially licensed music library

1,000+ free-to-use songs licensed for commercial use, in several different genres:

  • Romantic
  • Instrumental
  • Top 40/Pop
  • Indie Rock
  • Electronica
  • Hip Hop
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Latin
  • Classical
  • Gospel & Christian
  • Country
  • Children’s
  • Holiday
  • New Age

Speed control

In addition to a recommended speed, derived from the tempo of the selected song, you can choose half and double speeds. Half speed is ideal for displaying each image longer within your videos, while double speed can heighten the action in a more stylized video composition.

Completely Unique

Each video is never the same, there are no templates used. Animoto analyzes the nuances of your music, photos and video clips. And…they can be re-mixed to see different effects and transitions. Establishing a unique feel to your brand is a must. This is a great way to align yourself with your brand.

Social Media Friendly

Connect with your customers and clients where they spend most of their time.Your video will be syndicated across the web and shared via email, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) and iPhone, posted to YouTube or burned to a DVD. We can give you an embed code to be used within your website or blog. You tell us your preferences and will do it.


Enhance your website

Make your website more compelling and bring it to life with video that showcases new product launches, special events, holiday or seasonal specials, or simply create videos that feature your staff or your customers.

Get a competitive edge

Image is everything. Leverage the power of video to become the leader and differentiate your products or services from the rest in your market.

Increases perceived value of your products and services

Leave a lasting impression with your viewers and highlight the benefits in a cool and innovative way.

Help your e-newsletter go viral

Add video to your e-newsletter and create a marketing tool that your audience will want to read and share. See an example of how one company used video as a viral marketing tool, creating highlight videos of their events, and distributing the videos through blogs, Facebook, and YouTube: The Yacht Week 2009

Create killer PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations can be a necessary evil, but with these videos you can easily add powerful, custom video to each presentation.

Spice up your blog

Make your blog even more engaging and encourage your readers to recommend your blog by including captivating or entertaining video.

Create promotional videos for trade shows

Make sure you’ve got the most compelling booth at your next convention by showcasing your product or service as show-stopping video. DVD-quality videos look stunning on a large plasma screen!

Video of the month

Post a video of the week/month/season to your blog or website and inspire prospective clients to schedule appointments and current clients to schedule more.

Upload promotional videos to YouTube

Increase your visibility with traffic generating “commercials” on YouTube. Provide a sneak peak of new product releases and get them back to your website.

Create video content for your place of business

If you’ve got a business with plasma screens (maybe a real estate firm, bar, coffee shop, salon) run video featuring your products, last weekend’s client-appreciation event, etc.

Help your clients share your product

Provide your clients with videos they can upload to their website, blog, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc. Each video that your clients share or post serves as a terrific brand building tool for you.

Other Ideas….

  • A sports team showing photo highlights on the JumboTron in real-time.
  • A winery playing a DVD in tasting room to provide a recap of a harvest.
  • A service business posting a promotional video to YouTube to increase exposure.
  • A product business creating a video ad to advertise through Google Video.
  • An Ebay/Craigslist seller adding video to posting.
  • A daycare facility or summer camp providing a weekly recap video for parents and kids.
  • A wedding planner or photographer selling DVDs to their clients.
  • A travel agent highlighting destination packages using video.
  • Landlords showcasing listings using video.
  • A sports bar showing videos on TVs.
  • Conference organizers showing videos to kick-off day, spice-up dead time between presenters, or recap day/conference.
  • A trade show booth playing video on booth TV to stand out.
  • Presenters grabbing the attention of an audience with a video.
  • Using video to pitch ideas to your boss or customers/clients.
  • Creating compelling video content for your website.

[Note: The only limitations on use: Commercial videos for broadcast (i.e. TV commercials), theatrical (i.e. as part of a play or before movies) and in public performance.]

Case Studies:

Business: Ross Andrew Winery

Product: Sweet Spud

Real Estate: Herman Chan

Kent Brumm

Restaurant: Canlis Restaurant


Custom Animoto Video-starting at$157.00

Price Includes:

  • Up to a 5 minute video with text and music-images and clips included.
  • 3 different versions to choose from
  • Sharing to your networks
  • Embed code for websites
  • Consultation for text and/or power point slides to include in video
  • Incorporation of power point slides if want logo or other customized images


Video Update

Price depends on updating required

Photography/Videography for Local Business-starting at $147.00

  • Limited to 20 miles radius from Grand Rapids, MI
  • 50 photographs
  • Up to 5 minutes of video footage (optional)
  • Editing of all photos and video
  • Discount: Local Photography/Videography + Animoto Video Creation Package-$277