Social Media Case Studies & Statistics Presentation

Social-Media-ExplosionHold on there Tiger! Give it a few seconds to load 🙂

Please comment below and share your thoughts and experiences with social media. Any amazing case studies or statistics you’d like to add? Or perhaps first-hand experience on the impact social media has created for your small business?

Would love to hear your input as my presentation is ever-changing as social media continues to evolve and create incredible opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs.

If you found this presentation helpful, please share it with your social networks and/or kindly comment below.

To Your Social Success,

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  • elegant, compelling presentation of the business value of social media! I’m impressed with the tactical and aesthetic integration in your case studies. to me, they demonstrate the simple formula small-biz owners (and CMO’s in Fortune 500 companies!) should consider up front: clear, confident thinking about what makes them unique followed by creative, lightweight moves to amp their products and services thru the right channels. thanks for sharing, Renee. I’ll do the same with members of MetroIBA, our Twin Cities’ small-biz association teeming with members eager to leverage new tools for new success in 2011!

  • Social media communities are growing rapidly and more than anywhere they reflect the racial dynamics of South Africa as they occur in everyday life. According to the annual mid-year estimates from Statistics South Africa, in July 2010 the country’s …

  • ArabNet organized a panel on its second forum day on social media marketing, that highlighted case studies and lessons learned by leading social media agencies. How do you define social media marketing, moderator Alexandra Tohme, Digital Planner and …

  • Alex S Pavel

    This presentation absolutely rocks – delivery, data, structure. Thanks for sharing, Renee!

    • Thanks for the compliment Alex, I truly appreciate it!

  • Hi Renee

    Great preso, loved all the case studies and the use of Prezi.  I work with clients on social media as well, and I loved that you explained things in a simple and easy to understand way 🙂


    • Thanks Lara! That is one of the reasons I created the Prezi, to help clients understand the importance of social media for their business. Thanks again for your kind comment!

  • Calvin

    Very well done, Renee!


  • How will they be presented, and in what context? … With social media, we are all gatekeepers and curators. … That’s just not the case. 5.