Social Media Management

Bee_Social_logo_21Custom Online Audit


We’ll evaluate your online presence, including:

  • your website/blog
  • traffic drivers
  • email-marketing
  • video marketing
  • social media platforms

We will then contact you and give you honest feedback and recommendations for how you can best leverage social media for your business. We’ll create an integrated social media plan and show you how to become more efficient online and help you maximize results!


Bee_Social_logo_2Social Profile Set Up

Get Started Package

We will set up to 3 social media profiles of your choice, show you how they work and help you network each profile together with your existing blog or website.  If you are upgrading from the Online Audit service, we will implement all of our recommendations also.

Client to supply all graphics, logos, images and video-if you do not have any of these or need some assistance, no worries-we can put you in contact with our graphic designer for some design ideas and price quotes. 

Profile choices:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Personal Profile
  • Facebook Business Profile
  • Flickr 


Facebook Ultimate Fan Page

Our team designs a custom Facebook Fan Page for your business. Your new fan page will include:

  • Custom Welcome/Landing Tab, can include email opt-in form, a video, a coupon incentive for “liking” the page, any graphics and text.  We have the capabilities of making it look very similar to your existing website or blog
  • Custom Profile Picture
  • Blog tab (if applicable)
  • YouTube video tab (if applicable)
  • Twitter feed tab (if applicable)

Client to supply website images, logos, video, text (if different than on website) and contact info. See examples of our Landing pages here: Bee Social Demo Page. Click under profile picture for other designs. 


Bee_Social_logo_23Branded Social Site & Blog Graphic Design

We will create a branded design for you that will have a similar look on all your social sites. May include a photo, your logo, your text and your website. We can even integrate a similar design into your website/blog masthead (header). See Bee Social Demo Page for examples of our Facebook landing page designs. (Click on the names below the profile picture.)

Below are some of the designs we have created for clients:

Custom Facebook Landing Page

Custom Facebook Profile Picture

Custom YouTube or Twitter Background

Custom Website or Blog Masthead (Header)

Custom Graphic for Facebook Sweepstakes or Contest

Facebook Ad Graphics

Bee_Social_logo_24Social Profile Management

Sweet Deal Package-involves a Facebook Fan Page 

Want an economical social media solution? Than this is the your package. Perfect for solo-entrepreneurs and start-ups. Here’s what you will get with this very-inclusive Facebook strategy:

  • 1-3 status updates daily 5 days per week (# of updates depends on existing # of fans of page and current engagement level)
  • Status updates based on 80/20 rule: 80% based on value and engagement to 20% based on business promotion
  • Researching industry and finding relevant pages to connect and like
  • Business promotion
  • Networking on other relevant and popular industry (non-competitor) pages (like, share and comment on their posts to increase exposure to brand and page)
  • Management and creation of Facebook Ads (ad cost additional)
  • Consultation on branding and graphic design (Facebook landing pages,  profile picture and 5 thumbnail images at top of page)
  • Campaign consultation-landing page with product or service promotion, sweepstakes, contests, etc.


Worker Bee Package-involves 2 social networks of your choice

Keep your business alive and thriving and on the cutting edge of technology. Our worker Bee package keeps you in the social game.

  • Includes all of the above under Sweet Deal Package for Facebook, plus one other network, LinkedIn or Twitter
  • 6 tweets daily 5 days per week
  • Tweet based on 10/4/1 ration rule: 10 tweets based on industry links (can be 3rd party source) to 4 links to company blog posts to 1 link to a company landing page.
  • Use of hashtags to get tweets found by people not already following business
  • Monitoring and re-tweeting of influencial follower’s content
  • Monitoring keywords in your industry and re-tweeting good content
  • Customer Service: Monitoring company’s Twitter account mentions, monitoring brand name, product name, service name, founder’s names, etc and responding quickly and responding quickly
  • Following highly targeted people daily according to certain keywords in their Twitter bios, tweets, location, etc. 
  • 3 status updates daily 5 days per week on one employee’s personal LinkedIn account
  • Updates based on 80/20 rule: 80% value to 20% business promotion
  • Optimize profile with keywords and applications relevant to industry and business so profile and business will get found in both LinkedIn internal search engine and in major external search engines outside of LinkedIn
  • Creation of a Company Profile with products or services descriptions
  • Invitations sent out to 50 targeted connections per week
  • Adding client as a member to targeted groups
  • If company is creating blog posts, we will share these blog posts in appropriate groups as a discussion post
  • Leverage Q & A feature if possible by subscribing to the appropriate question feed and monitoring questions being asked and forwarding to client to answer when appropriate



Queen Bee Package-involves 3 social networks of your choice

Dominate your industry and your competition with this very inclusive package. Includes all 3 networks (Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn) as outlined under Sweet Deal and Worker Bee Package above. 



Killer Bee Package-involves 3 social networks + blog syndication + reputation management

It’s all about a “killer” social presence that gets you noticed and engaged with your audience. This is our most comprehensive package and includes everything under the Queen Bee package, plus:

  • Blog post syndication on social networks, numerous social bookmarking sites and 3 major article marketing sites (includes spinning of post)
  • Reputation Management with 5 keywords (50 keywords for additional cost)