Twitter Tools For Business Building-Part 3

This is the final installment of Twitter Tools for Business Building.

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Tweet Beep, Twellow, Twollo, Twitter Tab and Revisit will be discussed. As new innovative Twitter tools become available, I will mention them here in my blog. The 5 mentioned in this post are very useful and will help you engage with a more targeted audience which will drive more traffic to your website and more importantly, 3 of the tools discussed will help you monitor and manage your online business reputation.

Tweet Beep allows you to manage your online Twitter reputation. Alerts will be emailed to you whenever someone tweets about your business, your name, or your domain. You select the alert criteria and what to watch for. This is great for monitoring what is being said about your brand, your business, it’s products and services.

Tweet Beep can get you more traffic to your website. Determine your targeted keywords and enter them into Tweet Beep. Tweet Beep will then send you emails whenever someone mentions your subject matter or keywords in a tweet. What you would do next is follow these people (usually they will automatically follow you back) and give them updates about the subject matter and share information with those followers.

There is a Premium account; at $20/month you get 200 alerts, a 15 minute alert option, and no advertisements.

Twollo is very similar to Tweet Beep. It also allows you to manage your online reputation by tracking what people are saying about you or your website or products. Twollo also allows you to gain targeted followers. When you create an account, you will be allowed to submit keywords and Twollo will then automatically locate and follow people who share your interests. Many of these people will then follow you. There is a monthly cost that starts out at $5.99/month for 5 keywords, but you can trial it for free for 4 days.

Twellow is a Twitter directory that categorizes users according to interest/topic and some list users from most followers to least. Within your account can set up a personal profile where you will be able to show your recent tweets, share links to your websites and create an extended bio. Most profile pages are indexed by Google, so this is also an added bonus of Twellow.

Twellow and Twollo, besides their cute little names, are good places to listen to the issues and questions in your industry, where you can also have a chance to provide appropriate answers. These websites can be one of the first places you hear about new developments in your industry, as well as allow you a chance to build valuable business relationships.

Twitter Tab is an application within Facebook that lets you include your Twitter updates as a Tab within your Facebook Profile and Facebook Pages.

There is a VIP option which allows you to customize the appearance of your twitter page on Facebook, including a background image, and choosing background color, text color, hover color or border color. You can also use your default Twitter background which is what I did. The cost for VIP is $10 for 3 years.

Revisit lets you create a really cool, animated Twitter wall. Basically it collects tweets related to a topic of your interest and will then display them along a time line. The tweets that have received the most popularity will be displayed larger and near the center. It is constantly changing (not static). Click on the this demo for an animated visualization of Revisit in action.


On a lighter note, I wanted to wrap up this 3 part series on Twitter tools by sharing a super funny video about Twitter users. Fortunately, if you are primarily using Twitter as a business-building tool, you don’t fit the mold depicted in this video. But I am sure a fair amount of people will identify with the message 😉

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